Packrafting Roundup 2017

Met with old friends that have not seen for a year and made a lot of new ones. The most fun outing was the one on the Fall River. I had my first unintentional swim. Then had another one 15 minutes later, a more benign this time. Here’s Craig swimming the final rapid/hole, I passed it once and swam on the second attempt.

The rest of pictures.

Summit to Sea 2014

For the last couple of summers I have been looking at maps trying to figure out a nice long loop hike that would let me spend some time in the old-growth rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula. In June I became the owner of an Alpacka packraft, which made it possible to combine backpacking and rafting. I also felt that it had been way too long since I had been in an alpine environment and that a mountaineering route would be great. Thus was born the idea of climbing Mt. Olympus and then floating down the Hoh River to the Pacific Ocean. From the summit to the sea, from where water is born to where it ends.

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Lazy trip

Съездили в выходные в Grand Teton NP. Думали сплавать на лодке по озерам и переночевать в палатке на стоянке на берегу, но места все оказались заняты (вопреки информации в Инете о том, что проблем быть не должно). Зато сплавились по Snake River и поплавали по озеру.

Еще один highlight -- Granite Hot Springs. Просто мечта -- горячий бассейн на высоте 8000 футов посреди гор и леса.


From Grand Teton NP 2013

А вот бассейн: